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Why Concrete Candles?

That's what we thought when we made our very first concrete pot. There where so many questions going through our heads. "Living with Concreter's by trade" sure they know what their doing, but is it that easy? "Well, you would think so."

Will people love them? Will they sell? Why don't we just keep using Jars?

The process began buying the bags of concrete, sand and colour.

My son began making them, getting the right mix together wasn't easy as we thought. when the Concrete Pots were tested they were cracking, as it seemed they were too weak.

After weeks of mixing, putting the right textures together, we now have the perfect mix and moulds for each Concrete Pot that we make. The mess that comes along with it, is worth it when our products looks so unique, we work together and enjoy what we are doing as a family. We are always looking for new ideas.

Our work area started off with a bucket and a shovel and few moulds made from bits and pieces , now we have a bigger space added to our candle studio.

Our aim is to use less Jars, as you can buy a glass jar from anywhere, we aim to build our Custom Concrete Candles up for our customers to enjoy in their environments. They are also refillable once finished.

Now its time if you haven't tried a Custom Concrete Candle by lax & Co check out our website and see what you can find. You won't be turning back once you have one.

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Kerry Marie
Kerry Marie
Mar 24, 2022


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